Today I shared the above image via my instagram feed. The comment that went along with it read:

"As I ponder the love that has grown in my heart for a city that has been both marvelously inspiring and personally life changing, I took to heart the words of Jimmy Durante, 

"No matter what the future brings, as time goes by." 

Seemingly fitting for today as we gaze upon a city that has patiently and often painfully embraced what the past has brought... truly though, no matter what the future brings, the time will continue to go by, and someday, I know the future will bring something beautiful... 

I can't help but wonder as I look back at this snap shot of a flea market table confettied with vintage watches what time, what history do these timepieces stand witness too... 

Yes, what have they seen? 

What have we seen..."

Above image from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market from my visit this past August. Ironically, the day before we were riding past ground zero closer then I had been since visiting back in 2004 when I was 18. As we rode by tears welled up behind my sunglasses for no reason other then the continual shock of the event that took place 11 years ago today.

Today, with emotions personally running quite high for various reasons, I reflect rather personally on the value that time, that history... the memories and stories... will have and continue to have both in my own life and to those that were more directly affected by 9/11.


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