Home from a month of traveling for weddings all over the place! All tropical of course. It's been a divine {and warm} adventure! Now I am home and ready for sweater season, as were my last few engagement sessions I did prior to my last jetting off. Today I get to deliver two of those sessions and I am just thrilled about it. They are full of dark Seattle moody afternoons which of course entails wet ground and red noses.

I've really taken a liking to this whole fall work season I've got going. It will be rolling into a bit of a winter season which is new and unexpected. I'm holding off booking spring and summer, or rather, keeping those seasons extremely light. No pun intended. Seriously I'm loving working in these darker months; turns out they are chalk full of inspiration. Change is always good and I am welcoming a simpler work load that will let me properly explore some other avenues I can more fully dedicate myself too.

Happy Friday. Let's all go buy sweaters.

*above image from travis+ann's stormy capital hill engagement session.


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