Today, like many others, I find myself in a state of mourning over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. On Friday, I was at a neighbor's home while out in a Bible educational program I volunteer in and this woman, a total stranger, was informing me on what had happened and tears amassed in my eyes as she too cried recounting the news. As I see other mother's thoughts today via social media expressing their own sentiments as they take their little ones to school, I couldn't help but want to do something for all those directly experiencing severe distress from what happened.  I also have had a handful of acquaintances/clients that are teachers on my mind and can't help be proud to think that they too would have sacrificed their own lives to protect those of the little ones they've vowed to educate. So, what could I do, if anything, in addition to offering my own requests of peace in prayer for these ones so terribly pained? 

I was on writer Joanna Goddard's blog A Cup of Jo this morning and read her 'Moment of Silence' post that shared a few ways to help support the families of the tragedy included in which was writing a letter of love and support to the school and parents. I was personally quite moved by this thought and immediately stopped what I was doing to take some time to compose my thoughts and sentiments. It was a lovely way to express my sincere condolences. The act of slowly compiling and dictating in pen and paper was such a peaceful and personal expression. I mean, in an age of electronic everything, when was the last time you wrote someone a hand-written letter? As I did my best to honestly correspond my heartache and love for all the teachers, students, parents and the community of Newtown, I included a few Bible texts that I take intimately to heart including Psalm 46:1 which per the King James Version reads, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." I adore the eloquentness of this thought as expressed in this version. 

May you all likewise find comfort and solace in the means best suited to you during this horrific time of malaise, and again, my thoughts and prayers are extended to all those affected by this saddening series of events and the difficult path of recovery to come. Also, I'd like to extend a thank you to the fine educators that dedicate their lives to teaching. What a beautiful career and what a beautiful soul that requires.


  1. thank you for this post. it was perfect

  2. this is so beautifully written. i was also so sadden and moved by this tragic and found some comfort when i heard this from my pastor this past Sunday, ‘you are upset, angered, sadden, etc. b/c you feel a sense of powerlessness. You are not powerless. someone can use your help. Go out and help someone in the community. Doing something to help others will make you feel like you can make a difference.’ that day I helped serve lunch to the elders with my church. I felt so much better. We can do something, anything to make a difference in someone’s day… life even.
    Thank you for sharing.


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