Oh where in the world do I start on this one??? Well... let's see... 
- They got married on 10.11.12.
- Clearly they threw a supremely unique wedding celebration.
- They are both fellow creatives as are many of their close friends of which it was a pleasure to meet. 
- They had a small afternoon ceremony at Urban Oasis in Sodo where they had a dear friend officiate.
  In fact, during the ceremony she did something that will probably go down as one of the most
  memorable moments in all of my wedding memories... Prior to the day their officiant gathered quotes 
  and 'advice' on love and marriage from margaret+ryan's closest friends and family, had all the 
  sentiments written on Pantone notecards, and then during the ceremony she asked all those with a card 
  to please stand, and then one by one read their card. No lie, I enjoyed each and every card read with 
  the same amount of joy I would have had had I myself been surprised with the same unforeseen, 
  exceptionally personal gesture during my own ceremony. It was an honor to be in the presence of,
  and after hearing multitudes of wedding talks, this one most certainly takes the cake as being 
  most characteristic of the couple.

margaret+ryan's wedding bash was fabulous. They had a clear idea of what they did and did not want and totally remained true to that vision.  Can you believe that they executed everything on their own too? No planner or anything! And they made everything themselves; the flowers, the take-away succulent jars, the ceiling installations.  No, they did not have a cake, but they had a bicycle icecream cart... !!! They didn't have a traditional first dance, but there was most certainly killer dancing... !!!  Seriously, I could go on and on... and on... 

Alas, I am not the only one who loved this wedding, nope margaret+ryan's wedding was featured this week over on Brooklyn Bride. Be sure to check it out! And of course, I have to say it once more, thank you again and again and again to you both margaret+ryan.


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