7 links:
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1.  Fieldwork Flowers. ooh. la. la.

2.  Are you someone who battles with anxiety?  I've battled with it since I was very small, and now in the midst of life trials I've started with full panic attacks.  Besides the mental and emotional helplessness that accompanies anxiety and panic attacks, I started experiencing the associated back pain that can be debilitating.  This article was of so, so, so much help + the questionnaire was very interesting to do.

3.  Also an interesting article on stress.  (No duh, we all need to slow down, but I liked the simple explanations for common stress symptoms.)

4.  One of my best gal pals is now working with Molly of Molly Moon's ice cream.  Have you ever checked out their website and blog?  They are really up to great, great stuff besides just their locally sourced ingredients and delectable ice cream!

5.  Sharing Cultural Jewels via Instagram.  Wow, Instagram is truly such a 'thing' now.

6.  This haircut I do not think I could pull off.  The outfit however, yes.  Yes, please.

7.  This recipe.

*above image photographed in brooklyn a few years ago; local nectarines purchased at the union square green market.


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