7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many) 

1. What's a 'yuccie'?!? Well, it could be you, and it could be me... 

2. Took a gamble and ordered these inexpensive, stylish sunglasses. They came in and they're SO FUN!

3. Is your instagram real life or real fake?

4. "The wedding of Jeremy and Nikki will continue to tickle my fancy for eternity." 
- Dan O'Day on the latest wedding story he shared on his blog. TOO. GOOD.

5. I'm FINALLY flying JetBlue for the first time in a couple days, and I'm so excited to give them a try! Have you flown with them before?!?

6. Art conservator. What. a. job. Could you do it? Would you want to? I would! Look what you might uncover...

7. A beautiful quote/scripture.

* above iPhone snap of my own rose bush called 'JFK Junior'. Thought it appropriate since not only did if fully open up today, but I'll also be at the JFK airport in one short day!


  1. I called at noon to pick up a birthday arrangement ASAP (no prior warning, I was just doing things at the last minute as always). It should also be noted how fragrant the Flower Delivery NYC was. Just delightful!

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