This past week I processed what are two of my all-time favorite images I've ever made. 

Actually, I am really quite certain that they are indeed my favorite. 

These were captured after erin+landon walked down the aisle after their ceremony and into the family house and on into a little side room where nobody else was. I took this by shooting into the reflection in the glass on a painting in the hall leading up to that little side room.

I adore how intimate they are.

I'm so pleased with how unforced and utterly organic they are. 

I am obsessed by how cocooned she is in her cathedral veil.

And their hands.

Oh, their hands.

I am just so very, very happy with these captured moments. 


  1. You sure captured beauty here. Just pure love and so real. I'm sure that is not always so easy to do as a photographer.

    1. thank you so much melissa! you're right, it's sometimes such a challenge catching pure moments. but they're always there, sometimes more then others.

  2. I photographed a fundraising conference here recently. What a wonderful place for photos. I almost always hate being anywhere at 6am, but this breakfast event at Chicago venues proved an exception. The manger and his staff were extremely professional.


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