Conflict.  Just reading the word sends a little frowning shiver down your insides, no?

  It comes up everywhere.  From our personal/internal lives, to our family/friend relationships, and then of course to our workplace, there is absolutely no escaping the fact that in all of our relationships we hurt others, are hurt ourselves and need to move forward regardless of the outcomes.

  I've spent some time this past year analyzing my own experiences with conflict and it's affect on my relationships, and I've looked for guidance in how to not only resolve issues when they arise, how to prevent a great deal of issues altogether, and how to accept/adjust to changed relationships due to conflict.  Whether it's a necessary, albeit difficult conversation with someone or even just an honest, personal, internal dialog, I wanted to know what tips were floating around that could help me see conflict and resulting changed relationships in a less negative way.  After all, good can come from bad, progression can come from pain... right?

1.  This article on Psychology Today hit. the. nail. on. the. head.  Find out what causes conflict and options for resolution.

2.  An integral part of understanding conflict is understanding ourselves.  I loved how this emphasized the need to understand *our own* feelings and the necessity of being better listeners *to others*.

3.  Recognize and *accept* the reality that none of us are perfect, act in fairness (even if we think we've been treated unfairly) and "remain calm."  

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