While today has been out of control on multiple levels... to say the least... two good things have gotten me calmed down:

1. I finally heard back from the witness to the dreadful car accident I was in; me getting my car repaired pends on her statement with the person at fault's insurance and they previously were saying she was "unreachable" and going to dismiss her as a witness... thank heavens she's alive! Hopefully things will speed up a bit with all of that jazz...

2.  Cozbi Jean Photography was featured on Glamour & Grace! Yes, Megan, editor and author of G&G loved Nick+Hannah's engagement session and featured it today! How exciting! Thanks Megan!

*you can see the full post by heading over to the blog; click any of the photos above!

**thank you to claudia ruiz who assisted me on this shoot and liz sallee who helped curate the proper book collection! <3 p="p">


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