It's 'hump day' as they call it and here I am home and back in the office from a totally wonderfully wild weekend in Arizona. I can't help but reminisce about all the fun times and too fun people I got to connect with! Got me thinking how amongst the various lovable factors traveling and especially traveling+work has had, one of the real highlights is getting to meet such great new people.

Rewind a couple months to a sunny August Sunday morning in Brooklyn and you'd find me sitting nursing a stomach churning on what was perhaps one too many manhattans, and trying desperately to rally myself back to life so as not to miss my afternoon date with new friend Alice Gao. Well, I made it to her lovely new little apartment under neath the Brooklyn Bridge, and she ever so nicely shot some photos of me in her pretty, airy living room. I thought I'd finally get around to sharing a few of my favorites from the blog post she posted with the images also featuring new friend Pei. Thanks again for such a lovely Sunday Alice, can't wait to do it again soon!


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