As one year is about to end and another begin, I can not help but fall in love with the superfluous amount of sweet beauty that resides in my life. Amongst the thorns, there truly are the loveliest roses.  I am so thankful for that.

2012, being 26, wow what a year of total and complete discovery. I honestly feel like my entire little life thus far has been schlepping up to right now. There has been ups and downs and all sorts of awkward in betweens. Things have been messy. Things have honestly been terribly turbulent for me, unbeknownst to most, but boy-oh-boy have they been rather beastly at times.  You know what though, I read a saying: "stars can't shine without darkness." What a beaut of an anthem for 27 right?  I am enchanted as I look at what 2013 has on the horizons. I see a new year about to begin and with it the start of what I have faith to be as something finer then what I've yet experienced in this life.

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