I've got jewelry on my mind, or rather, rings.  Ha.  What's new right?  Well I have christina+charlie's wedding photos I recently did uploading to their online galleries and when I saw the above ring shot pop up I just sat and cooed at it for a hot minute.  Christina's ring was from Alexandria Rossoff and I love the story of the day christina+charlie found her ring as told by Christina...

"We had gone ring shopping and I am very picky.  I tried on about a thousand beautiful rings, but I  have always been drawn to antique rings so I thought we better look at Alexandria Rossoff {she specializes in antique jewelry}.  When we got there I was upset because it was closed Sundays and we were about to walk away when Alexandria herself opened the door and asked what we were shopping for.  We told her and she let us in and brought us all the engagement rings in the store.  I tried on a few and then put on 'my ring'.  It was the strangest feeling,  I had tried on so many rings that day but that was the first one I didn't want to take off.  I knew it was meant to be my ring and I had to have it!  We had dinner reservations so Charlie sent me to the restaurant so he could "talk" with Alexandria.  He never told me, but I was sure he bought the ring that day!"

Pretty cute story, no?  Well, with Nicholas' and I's anniversary coming up {along with some spectacularly surprising plans for celebrating} I have been chatting with a local jewelry designer I recently connected with in regards to possibly having her create some custom rings for us.  If you've not heard of her already her name is Shamila Jiwa of Shamila Fine Jewelry.  Shamila's designs are absolutely gorgeous.  My style has morphed into going towards relatively clean design and I typically go for simple or statement, classic or edgy which is super similar to her aesthetics.  Of course, as it turns out, rings in general are my aesthetics... :)


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