Looking around at the day today and it's seeming like summer has finally decided to settle in!  Looking around here in my office and as long as the to-do lists are, they've been longer and as of late last night/early, early this morning, I am finally caught up!  I've got this incredible, incredible sense of accomplishment and utter relief to have so much work finished!  It was a very big goal of mine this year to work less and make the work that I did do really, truly something special to me and to my business.  It didn't really dawn on me that working on projects and weddings that were really special to me would in reality take even more of my time/care/energy/interest essentially resulting in almost more work then I've done henceforth with this business and art.  Well now I've learned!

I do never get tired of looking at where I've been, am now and where I hopefully will be, and it's inspiring and encouraging to do the same with my family and friends and fellow creatives.  When you look around, what do you see in yourself and too in your family and friends?

*image from nicole+jarred's rosehill community center wedding last summer. congrats to them as they recently started their family with a lovely little girl.


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