Well, we are officially back from our three week holiday abroad and I can confidently say that this trip was by far the most meaningful and heartwarming adventure I've ever embarked on.  We met beautiful people, saw beautiful sights and enjoyed the beauty of each other's company more-so then ever before.  Nicholas and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary in Paris on Sunday which was mesmerizing to say the least.  More on that topic later.

Now we are home and both getting back in the groove of normality all the while making adjustments to our previous routines and lifestyle; we really did have some earthshaking realities while gone and upon returning home have set some serious goals and already begun making adjustments to improve what was already a very enjoyable quality of life.  We met some of the most inspiring spirits while away and our personal lives and even professional lives will never be the same after talking with some of the dear ones we met.  Perspective was already a word I used regularly in my personal, business and artistic life, but all of a sudden it's taken on a whole new level of meaning.  It was enthrallingly enlightening to experience such an unexpected awakening of the senses and I can not wait to share some of the lovely memories both in image and in word.

Meanwhile, rewind to before leaving when I photographed ann+travis' lovely capital hill wedding;  today I began the culling process of their photos and I am so happy that their wedding is the last wedding I photographed and the first one I got to look at upon turing on the computer this afternoon as their wedding was so very quint essential Seattle.  Nicholas and I really do adore Seattle and after being away and spending so much time this past year traveling, we sincerely stand by the fact that there really is no place like our home in Seattle.   We are excited to enjoy the rest of the summer here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am looking forward to the continuation of calming what has been in the past known as an overly full wedding season schedule.  I am giddy with the fact that the select weddings and couples I have lined up to collaborate with for the remaining portion of this year are becoming more and more special and unique and that I have more time to spend on each commission.  Oh, truly how good it is to be home, and how good it was being away to realize just this.

*sneak from ann+travis' capital hill wedding


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