Seems like everyone is in a rush to do things.  Rushing to move ahead. Rushing to hit their career high.  Rushing to start a new career. Rushing to travel to as many places as possible. Rushing to get to the next planned event. Rushing to get to the next season. Rushing to get to brunch. Rushing to get to dinner. Rushing to get to a movie. Rushing to get to the next big movie.

I know I'm not the only one to be making this discovery and I know I've mentioned it before, however, I am left quite frequently, especially right now, wondering why in the world there is such a glorification of busy and rushing and pushing and planning.  Why?

Personally, I believe that we all have the chance to live a life more then what we have currently in this world. Perhaps that is why my bewilderment is even more elevated.  Aside from my personal thoughts and for those that believe differently, don't you think even more so that rushing through life would be the absolute last thing you'd want to do?  *Realization* maybe people don't realize they're rushing…

* a few frames from latvia last summer.

With my personal life where it is, aka trying to be the best possible caregiver/stay positive and energized + fight the ridiculous cold I came down with in totality wednesday night, I made it my goal for february to complete a few personal projects included in which is processing some of my travel photos, especially the batch from our europe adventures last summer.  I am hoping to lessen my knit-pickyness and amount of 'processing' I put into my images in entirety, but especially my personal photos.  I've become my worst enemy, dangling expectations low above my head… remember when you were a child and in the height of getting in trouble you'd get a quick flick to the ear… it's like I'm flicking myself in the ear with my own idiotic expectations; nobody wants anything from my personal photos, why do they need to be quote unquote perfect? They don't.  Even if they are photos taken and not seen for years, or maybe ever, who cares?  I can still remember the moment and the memory without the photo.

I'm looking forward to taking a little time to go through my personal archives and develop at least some of the images from our last adventures so as to  share them with my mom and amongst nicholas and I.  After all, why rush to new adventures, when we've got amazing anecdotes to relive from the last?  One, of many, lessons I'm learning throughout all this, find continuous joy in the past and present, don't rush to the future, it'll be here in due time.


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