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There is an area of beaches here in Washington that is simply enchanting, one of which being Ruby Beach.  This and the many miles of sand that surround it are one of the most nostalgic places for memories with my family, and I knew once I started on my journey as a photographer documenting love stories, that I'd have to come back at some point with the right couple.

I fought going many times.  Why?  Well, it just wasn't time; wasn't the right match.  You see, sure, I used to be that photographer that went to the trending locations just to get the same pretty photos in pretty light.  This past year though, I wanted to learn to shoot with more intention and investment; to listen to my couples and what their stories are and how I can most genuinely capture THEM, whether it be in light or in darkness, in an unknown spot or in an area a great many have made images.

Ivy + Colton are close friends of ours who now have a few years of marriage to celebrate and bask in, and it was them that was the right couple to bring to this spellbinding setting that personally and intimately suited who THEY are.  Ivy + Colton live for and often IN, wild outdoor adventures.  In fact, Colton took his experience as a professional outdoor athlete and transitioned into a photographer himself, specializing in outdoor lifestyle and action photography.  Let me put it really simply, he's one of the guys making the photographs that goes in your snowboarding magazines.  He's climbing mountains solo and making some pretty amazing photographs along the way.

You'd never know though.  They are simply two, grounded people who spend as much time just being in the great outdoors and honoring creation in every facet possible, which is why my husband and I grew so close to them.  So when I asked if they were randomly free the next day (I saw the weather was going to be a beautiful, warm October day) I told them my idea/inspiration.  

You see, they had just celebrated their anniversary and since I am 100% PRO anniversary sessions, and since I knew Ivy was wanting to make some images of them as a couple since coming into a bit more of a mature, elevated place in their relationship, I asked if they'd like to collaborate with me.

And they did.


I styled them so that they had a more refined presence, since that's what they wanted to communicate about this time in their life and relationship.  The only negative to all the hype of one's wedding day, to me, is the idea that you'll never get a day like it again.  Well, I just have to say, that while you won't get that same day again, you might get something even better later on.  Which is why I highly encourage anniversary shoots; they're quaint, about you two and your lives.  And gals, if you wanna don that veil you regret not wearing on your big day, then honey, I say go for it.

Here are the portraits I made with Ivy + Colton.  They're literally salty from the salt that caught on my lens and I absolutely love it.

I also am obsessed with those frames of Colton capturing his love... 




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