I'm. In. Love. I am in love with the wonderful clients I have gotten to work with thus far in this wonderful year of twenty twelve! As I sit editing Katia+Josh's beautiful wedding, I am realizing how excited I am to actually get to blog and share all of this year's weddings and photo adventures! I love the getting ready shots above {and man-oh-man all the rest of them for that matter!} for multiple reasons, but today they really have me reflecting on the power of preparation. Building a moment or goal or life into something you really want...

Last year I was so crazily busy that blogging quickly went to the back burner. This year, not only have I really tweaked my workflow to accommodate a reasonable work routine, but also and possibly more important, a reasonable and exciting summer schedule of adventures and 'off time' is also lined up! Was it difficult to edit the jobs I accepted? Um, hello oh-yes indeed it was! However, being a person that nearly never says 'No' period, I learned a lot about both myself and my business when you muster up the courage and confidence to just say those two little letters, 'No'; or more politely, 'No thank you'. I have never believed in 'luck' per-say, and have therefore always liked the quote, "I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity" by no other then Oprah Winfrey. I suppose I have really come to understand the idea of being prepared on multiple levels: physically, mentally and spiritually for life. We have to not only make goals, but too prepare ourselves for how and when we reach them.

Although still quite busy, it is different this year; this 'time around' as we say. This year I have worked and am working with clients and brides and couples and celebrations that are beyond anyone and anything I've done in the past. To be honest though, I am not really sure what has changed or grown more, my cliental OR my own style and business knowledge. I have learned more as a photographer both technically and personally and artistically over last year's 'wedding season' and the 'off time' that winter and fall provided, then ever before! Man, I did a complete re-brand afterall! It is so much more of what I've always wanted it to be. It's so rewarding to work so hard and see results that make you want to just slap your forehead and say, "no way is this real!" Especially in the wedding industry; this world is wacky and cut-throat and scary and intimidating... or at least it can be. Perhaps that is what is helping this year, I am just not letting any of those silly outside 'corporate' factors get to me. I wanted to really be myself and be an artist and I therefore prepared to do just that! Low and behold look what came of it, nearly exactly what I wanted! With tears and struggle? Yes. With joy and happy dances? Yes as well.

What about you? Whether in our personal lives or our careers or our spiritual lives, what are we, what are YOU doing to keep yourself reasonable; saying 'No'; setting achievable goals, being prepared for what may come in our lives, what we want to come of our lives, and what simply isn't happening in our lives. Are we honestly preparing ourselves to achieve those goals we are setting? Since after all we must remember, goals and hopes and dreams, they take work! Sometimes a whole truckload of work! How bad do we really want it? How bad do YOU really want it? If the opportunity arrises, will we be prepared for it? Well, will we... ?


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