On July 7th, 2007 Nicholas and I were married which in turn means that yes, this past Saturday was our 5th anniversary! We planned a very special little shin dig and had an absolute ball celebrating!

We took our old bug down to one of the coolest little spots we found while living in downtown Seattle which happens to actually be this very old and rather run down and smelly old parking garage! It's got skylights and painted brick walls and the end of it has old glass paneled windows with the loveliest light! I brought the tripod and dawned in our party outfits we took photos of each other and ourselves and had such a wonderful and special time! It was fun taking all the direction I usually am giving my couples and applying it to ourselves! Not to mention getting to be my own little director; usually the subject is not also the photographer; loved it! And I have to share, Nicholas even said, "I love taking taking pictures with you like this." Heart. Melted. This girl will forever hold that statement near and dear.

Happy Anniversary to my husband Nicholas Hultz. It's been the best of times. It's honestly been some of the worst of times. Nicholas, in good times and in bad, I now know that I will indeed always love you. I say that today, Monday, July 9th, 2012 that if we can make it here, then honey I know we can make it anywhere.


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