I wanted to share another photo from New York, one that I didn't 'lose' that is... {see post below about losing NY photos... ugh. I still cry...} Anyhow, not only is this a photo from New York, but it's also part of a personal photo exhibition I curated based on photos taken on my iphone. Got to love these stink'n iphones right!?!

You can head over to my website and portfolios and see the new 'personal' gallery for this special little display of iphone images. You may also notice some small updates to my other galleries as well. I'm nearly caught up on my weddings and sessions thus far for 2012 and this summer which is feeling good! I have a few different special celebrations being arranged for publishing by a few really fabulous wedding world publishers... eeek! Now THAT has got me ecstatic! I was chatting with some very special girlfriends today and they were asking questions about what I do and why and how and all the works; anyways I made a comment that although the reality of it coming true may be a bit saddening, I can confidently say that as I sit here and reflect on it that I'll still stand by it;

"I started creating artwork that I loved. I started a business. I set goals. I've reached all but one of those goals {to shoot a wedding in Europe!}. I have the best clients and celebrations that I get to work with and document. If I lost everything at the end of the year; if I all of a sudden just stopped booking... it may be sad, but you know what... I got everything I hoped for and wanted and worked for.  I started small and made  my way in a really, really difficult industry AND without a formal degree {although I do have various forms of education in this field}. I would end on the highest of high notes." 

I am learning to be more realistic. This is transferring wonderfully into my business life and for that matter every ounce of my somewhat new 26 year old self. I see other photographers that have been at this art and business and industry double myself {this being the start to year 6} and I'd love to hope that I'm one of the fortunate ones that has people say, "once they got 'it', they got 'it'! And they've only gotten better!" Let's be real though. Let's not be greedy. Let's not even be a dreamer. If our horizon changed, and it changed without the sight of something we love dear on it's end, would we still be happy? Journeys change. Paths twist and turn... Are we thankful for what was, is and may become? Subconsciously my tale of iphone photos has been documenting me pondering that question and it was rather epic {yes epic}to see where I was, where Nicholas and I were 5 years ago when we thought we had these newly opened beautiful eyes, starting new lives, juxtaposed to the sight we now have...

... our eyes now open.

happy friday!


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