Thought I'd share an image from katia+josh's wedding today. I was just talking with an upcoming bridal client about 'wedding party' shots and how to keep them fun and natural and creative, and the above image from k+j's day is one image that we thought met all the above criteria. Not only is it just light and pretty and simple, it's sincerely lighthearted and we both loved that.

I had the weekend off this past weekend, and I feel I need to add, I partied real hardy because of it! That and it was my friend Olivia's batchelorette on Saturday. So maybe I should really add, I partied really hardy on Saturday and then slept a lot on Sunday... :).

Hope you all had a great start to your week today! I am going to try to not be a stressball this week and be a bit more lighthearted. Or at least that is the goal... I have two weddings nearly finished, an engagement session to complete, a wedding on Thursday {it's 10.11.12!} and I fly out on Friday for Tucson for a wedding on Saturday, and it seems as if today I've barely gotten to all my emails. Well, I have spent yet another humoungous chunk of time debating my next new lens purchase... to go with my new camera body purchase... :).


  1. That's a very nice wedding motif and the outdoor venue suits it very well. Those wedding photography in Perth are fun and creative and it shows how naturally they enjoyed the company of each other.

  2. First of congratulations to you both. I love this location and I have seen the beautiful, but if I were to go on a honeymoon, it would probably be on a honeymoon safari to have a uniqueness to it.


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