There is a place on 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle near our old apartment and it is a place that is old, has lovely light and I have gone to photograph in many times.  Last summer I spent some time in this place with my husband Nicholas and I took some anniversary photos of us.  Today, we were discussing plans for this upcoming summer's anniversary plans which seemingly are going to be the grand-daddy of anniversary adventures! I can't even share it yet but let me tell you, I had a total pinch-me-I'm-dreaming moment!

Well, since I can't share in full that excitement with you {other then sharing one of those anniversary photos I took above of Nicholas sitting dapper as can be in our old VW bug} I can share other exciting news that my dear, dear friend Candis and her husband and bebe are coming to visit tomorrow! I can't wait to host them in my home as they've done for me so many times, and I really can't wait to share with them some of my absolute favorite Seattle spots that I treasure so dearly such as the one on 2nd Avenue.


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