This past summer I was honored to collaborate with a group of wonderful creatives in New York on a bridal inspiration editorial. It. Was. Divine. Divine! Together we started planning our ideas and then, on one glorious August day they all came together. 

We took inspiration from some of our own recent bridal clients who threw the most natural, honest and simple small wedding soirees that incorporated both the normalcy of their love and lives, while throwing in a few unique details to make their occasion a celebration nostalgic of nuptials.  From local farm-to-table menus, 'decorations' simply being a collection of things from their home {textiles, glasses, vases, chairs}, to even non-traditional or not-expected bridal attire, we tried to create a palate of ideas for other unique brides looking to do something similar.  I'd love to share all my favorite images from the shoot! And... pardon me while I jump for joy, but it turns out all the ladies at Style Me Pretty wanted to share it too so you can also see their selection over on Style Me Pretty today! 

Some highlights to our shoot include: 
Food: Using locally sourced seasonal goods from Union Square Green Market in Manhattan including cheeses, bread and fruit that were purchased the day before. We did however use all of our own personally grown figs and veggies from Tashi's urban garden at her studio and design space.
Props: 'Vases' were hand cut wine bottles that Tashi {florist and event designer} made {lots of online tutorials; we wanted an alternative to mason jars!} Table, chairs, linens; use what you have! That's what we did! 
Dresses: We wanted to share two different dress ideas: 1. Seattle dress designer Justin Zachary Bartle's handmade french lace gown with boned bodice was simple yet elegant and one of a kind.  2. The second dress was a 50's bridal gown I found in a Goodwill Outlet for $1. I recently had a bride find her gorgeous wedding gown at a thrift store, so I started scouring to see if I could find my own to use! In order to change the gown that I bought up a bit, I removed the top portion and made a skirt of the tulle bottom and used an ivory vintage Nordstrom silk tank top also found at Goodwill for $7 to tuck into the skirt.  
Hair adornments: Casual flower head wreath vs. dressier jeweled crown. 
Jewelry: New York Designer Masha of  Delezhen; all handmade with gemstones and gold and all things you could wear again and NOT just on your wedding day.  
Calligraphy: Prints by Charis Fisher of Apercu of favorite love quotes for guests to take home and frame.  
Location: We used the back garden patio at Tashi's space on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. You don't need a big, stuffy venue to host a beautiful soiree.  Keep it personal and simple and natural.

Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks again so much to the Style Me Pretty team for featuring this editorial!


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    1. thanks so much for your kind words! it was a joy to work on this and be able to have it shared!

  2. awesome score on the goodwill wedding dress!!! that's a good reminder for me to practice patience when looking through things at goodwill.

    these photos are so gorgeous! i love your use of natural light.


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