Meet chris+michelle via Fuji mini Instax!  I just love the little polaroids that Instax makes so much!

This past weekend I photographed the wedding of a dear, dear friend and his now wife; congratulations mario+nicolette!  On Sunday I attended morning worship then headed over to the eastside for an engagement session with chris+michelle which went splendidly!  Then on Monday I headed home from Sunday's family dinner out at the beach house, to photograph the very-soon-to-be-growing Johansen family!  It was a jam packed weekend!

I only do family/baby sessions for close friends and family so that I can primarily focus on my wedding clients, but it was a joy getting to switch things up a bit.  I also brought the Fuji Instax with me on the family session because, as it turns out, it's an excellent source of bribery for the little ones, plus it totally gets them involved and they can even walk away at the end of it with a few little shots for everyone to enjoy until the final images come, as well as proud bragging rights that they got to take some photos too!  It's always entertaining getting to show little ones how the Instax works because kids now are not as familiar with Polaroids.  Showing them what it is and then showing them how to use it and how to wait for the photo to develop, well it is honestly so, so fun!  I don't know who enjoys it more, the kid or me!  At any rate, it's truly a genius way to keep little ones at bay for the duration of the session at the same time creating a unique little keepsake.

Moral of the story: I bought my Fuji mini Instax off Amazon almost a year ago and I have treasured it ever since!  Thinking you may need to go ahead and take a look at one of these little suckers?  Well here, go check it out... literally, put it in the cart and check out... :)


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