Well, well I am SO sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks! Whilst I am always documenting via my Instagram my/our daily adventures, my poor blog has been a little neglected which hasn't happened in some time! I don't like it! Getting to share recent Cozbi Jean Photography features and accomplishments is always something that I like to try to let shine on their own for a little bit... and as it turns out I have more along those lines to prep to share in the next few months... eeek!

Our past couple of weeks have consisted of traveling to New York for a little work and a lot of fun. I happened to turn 27 while there which was rather exhilarating! Now here we are back in Seattle and preparing for Spring to finally show it's lovely face which it seems to be doing! So far 2013 has had an extremely encouraging beginning and I hope it has been that way for others too. Cozbi Jean Photography has a much more relaxed pace this year and I have to say that I am greatly enjoying it. I am accomplishing so much and enjoying it even more then I have in the past, both with the business and my art and in our personal lives. Reading an entire book on our last NYC jaunt was a great feeling and next on the list is to start learning a bit of Latvian and too German ALL WHILE brushing up on my French since we will be spending 3 weeks abroad this Summer... !!!

March, April and May conjure up all sorts of goodies that we are looking forward to, but I'll admit the most exciting may just be the inspiration that printemps presents ...

*iphone image from yesterday. Walking beneath this blooming cherry tree and inhaling the sweet air made me very fondly recall this exact point in my life last year which was much less favorable then my current state. It made me proud and joyous and thankful; an excellent reminder to stop and acknowledge the positive life changes that have taken place.


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