So this was the wedding of my dear friends olivia+jared.  Clearly, it was a very lovely, bright sunny day in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Oh, and by 'lovely' I mean more then that it was great sunshiny weather, I mean it was 90 degrees with about 90 percent humidity, so as pretty as that sunshine was it was ridiculously hot and sticky... and really hot... and really, really sticky.  Did I mention it was really hot? And sticky???  I'll admit, I don't think I've ever sweat that much in my entire life.  Which leads me to what was therefore one of the most glorious highlights to olivia+jared's wedding, they served up the absolute best margaritas you've ever experienced. They were literally life saving I'm convinced, since everyone seemed to consume a very healthy amount of the refreshing things!

To be serious though, it really was one very special, intimate wedding celebration.  It was simple and classic.  olivia+jarred really wanted to have something very sincere and personal with their closest friends and family and that is exactly what they got.  And all complaining about the killer heat aside, it was an absolutely stunning location and the breathtaking beachside nuptials, beautiful sunset and just the refreshing change in surroundings made it all so, so worth every drop of that sweat.  Of course, can we just say that man-oh-man, olivia+jared are pretty stinking easy on the eyes!  While we're at it, why don't we throw the wedding party into that compliment too! Turns out Olivia basically made a one-stop-shop out of Nordstrom as that is where a majority of the accessories, clothes, shoes and her gown are from which leads me too... Tomorrow you can also see olivia+jared's wedding shared on the Nordstrom Wedding Suite Blog which I won't lie I'm pretty thrilled about!  

Thank you so much to olivia+jared and all your family for inviting me to photograph your special celebration.  It was an honor getting to witness and be such an integral part to your wedding and I really do cherish these photographs and my own memories of that day so, so much. Now the question is... who will be my next Mexico couple... ??? 


  1. This wedding and your photography is sooooo gorgeous :) I enjoyed this so much today and seeing your spread on the Nordstrom site

    1. oh thank you so, so much kelli! your compliment means a heartful!


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