Je suis désolé que j'ai été allé   OR   I am sorry I have been gone from my little blog! Typically I enjoy posting work more frequently, but I found this past month to be a bit fuller then expected with all sorts of other goodies so I went ahead and sat back and let the blog shine with o+j's wonderful wedding story as additionally shared on The Nordstrom Wedding Suite Blog.

Now that our April showers are nearly over {hoping for lots of May flowers!} I am sitting here reviewing what exactly the month was full of by by flipping through my planner. You may recall I made a goal for 2013 to really enjoy all the little things; to calm what was a rather hectic lifestyle down and enjoy even the smallest of happinesses... Well, I've found it incredibly helpful to sit down and look at my calendar at the end of each month.  I can see what was planned, what was rescheduled and why, what was done and with whom, etc.  I also like going through and seeing what fun snapshots were caught on my Instagram.  With the fourth month of 2013 nearly finished, I can see clear changes in our lifestyles lately and it is encouraging and invigorating to be meeting some of the big and small goals we set!  From running my first half marathon, to starting to finally learn German {my husband's German family came to visit}, to re-learning French, trying new Seattle restaurants {Matt Dillon's newest gem, Bar Sajor is divine!} and revisiting old favorites {Spur's new menus are killer, we actually got to sit and enjoy drinks in the library room at Bathtub Gin & Co. which was a first, The Swinery here on the west side has got amazeballs pulled pork, and of course we enjoyed a few fig and prosciutto pizzas from our hometown staple, Phoenicia} this  month has been refreshing to say the least. With the camellia flowers and cherry trees and as of the weekend the lilacs blooming, the scenery around us is really starting to perk up and with it so is all of our temperaments.

I do have lots of pretty work to share this upcoming month and I look forward to reliving a few adventures along the way {and enjoy some new ones too!} Enjoy your Monday and enjoy this tail end of April.  Here's hoping these last two days can be shower free...

*above image from tricia+nick's winter wedding.


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