So, I get to travel to sunshiny places like California and Mexico and Arizona and Las Vegas to shoot weddings... yeah it's a real rough life I know...

I'm so excited to be headed down to LA tomorrow to spend some very much needed time with my best friend/sister/twin Candis, then shoot a wedding out near Yosemite {woohoo michelle+tyler!} then road trip up to San Francisco for a day, and all with my other best friend and sister-in-law Natasha.  Oh boy it's going to be so, so fun! On top of the fact that I really LOVE getting to shoot weddings in different and new settings like michelle+tyler's ranch wedding will be.  I won't deny, getting to plan for a wedding day that has a 90% chance of being good weather/sunny is exhilarating for this Seattle girl, so anytime I book a celebration in a hot climate, I do a few leaps for joy!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend and for now, I'm off!  Follow my adventures on Instagram :)


*above shoe shot from ade+danny's Arizona wedding.


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