Another Monday is among us.  Whoopee.  Haha.  In all seriousness though it's been a stuffed Monday and this week is one of those weeks that needs to pick up and recover the mess of last week.  We all have them.  It'll all work out I'm sure!

Meanwhile,  I'm getting two weddings rendered and mailed out to clients, a few out to editors, and working on finishing the above editorial shoot.  The above shoot was not a typical 'bridal' inspiration, instead we wanted to do something that leaned more towards an engagement dinner/anniversary celebration feel, so it's got pretty party dresses and simple decor and easy settings.  In fact, I loved all the ideas so much I've started planning an outdoor summer soiree stealing all the pretty inspiration I shot.  It all is pretty uncomplicated yet elegant with an effortless vibe... exactly how I'm hoping this week pans out...


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