The best opportunity for me to find time to actually get to read a book all the way through without a year interruption  between page cracks, is of course when going on vacation!  I am feeling rather confident that I am not the only one in this boat.  Or rather, in this plane...  We just landed in Amsterdam and are glad to have the first jaunt of our adventure to Latvia done... that is, one 10 hour flight later...  Now we've got a 4 hour layover before our next flight.  

So far some rather fabulous tidbits to this vacation include:
- getting to the airport ridiculously early since traveling international and getting a marvelous mani/pedi at the butter london shop! I brought polish to brighten my hands and toes in the restroom during the long wait time before boarding, but was pleasantly surprised to find that going to butter was really the much smarter thing to do... ;) AND I got to set my 'out of office' messages while being pampered and THAT was heavenly!
- complimentary wine on the flight. enough said.
- watched breakfast at tiffany's again for the first time in years on the flight.  it was lovelier then I remembered and the most perfect film to spend some quiet time watching.

Now, sitting here in the airport, I am thinking nicholas and I will either play a game or stick to our reading; we've both gotten into our books rather quickly; he's reading 'jupiter's travels' by ted simon {motorcycle tales}, I'm reading 'girls in white dresses' by jennifer close.  Since I don't get chances like this that often, I did a good deal of researching in picking the best reads for this trip.  Although I do keep up with periodicals mostly via the web where anymore I do most my light reading, I do try to slip in more tidbits of time for other small reads that I knock out little by little.  This trip I decided to stick in my industry for my first choice hence why I chose the acclaimed 'girls in white dresses' which follows a group of young girls on the humorous adventures of friends getting married and the comics of the wedding scene.  So far it's refreshingly funny and rather well written although I've gotten a little lost from character hopping a couple times.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how often I'll blog while away BUT I just discovered {slap me if I'm über behind here...} the blogger app which makes it AMAZINGLY simple to blog from my phone!  I love it!  I can now take great quality photos on my phone, edit them on my phone, and now share not only via facebook or instagram, but here on the blog!  How convenient!  So, hopefully I'll get to utilize this feature whilst away, and for that matter maybe even when back home too! 

Okay, well here's to hoping the rest of this layover goes smoothly and that we make it to latvia!  So far the trips off to a nice start, of course made possible with the aide of a good film and a good read.  Ah, the little luxuries.


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