In latvia we met gunta+janis. they're two beautiful souls. last evening they took us to dinner and surprised us by taking us to the beach.  We shared our life stories and basked in each others warm smiles and laughs, which were quite often with a bit of a language barrier thrown into the mix... ! 

I wanted to document our evening last night without having my big camera and being candid enough to not let them know I was ever snapping a photo. Although I captured just a few images of our time at the beach, I will hold these and the memories they have so dear.  It actually ended up {now that I look back on it} being an excellent challenge in being descrete and knowing when and how to capture the shot I wanted, even if just on this little iphone.  Also, I must add, gunta is a dressmaker; and just look at her darling style...

Thank you so much gunta+janis for sharing your evening and hearts with us. We're now off to deutschland... !!!

* I shared a video with the new video feature on instagram of last nights adventures! I'm no cine pro, but I love love love that instagram now offers this fun option! check it out if ya want!


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