Long, warm, summer nights. Nothing like them.

I hope you all are enjoying  your summer!  My own has been so emotionally charged; so many highs and of course due to imperfection a few lows.  Seriously, it has been so exasperatingly thrilling to be shooting such a less amount of weddings.  The couples I have been working with have been sincerely inspiring.  Our time traveling in europe and celebrating our own wedding anniversary really did make me see how much more I want to force myself to slow down and focus and continue to enjoy even the smallest of small details in life, even more so then I've already been trying to do.  

It cracks me up a bit because I see fellow friends and especially fellow professionals doing the opposite and filling up their schedules fuller and fuller; success waning and hopes of increased popularity fluxes at their heals... I had a conversation with one of my best friends and basically my twin this past weekend and we discussed the realization that us wedding photographers really do have a struggle with; photography is our career, our hobby, our passion, our art.  We love it so dearly.  We can do it alone, or with other phenomenal creatives.  But where does our family fall in?  Where do our friends fit in?  Where is our spirituality in our career and even our art?  Really, where are WE separate from our career?

Happy to say, I am going to continue to slow this beautiful career down.  Hard to admit I won't lie because I adore it an awful lot, but I also am seeing that I adore life and the time I give it without combining this career into it even more, and I am also seeing that I adore the photography and artwork and fellow creatives and travels and experiences I do have, more then I ever thought possible when I give each of those things small measurements of undivided attention.  This life is not something to run through.  We get little fires lit under us, which don't get me wrong, encouragement and inspiration are wonderful, but still, 'give each thing it's appropriate measure'.  Turns out these long summer nights, whether here on the beaches in seattle or under the european skies, well they have played a mind-opening roll in helping me unwind even more...

maybe they will for you too. And yes, for that minuscule amount of you that noticed, I got rid of my personal facebook page.  One of the best decisions I've made in years.

ps. above reception shot from brittany+larry's southern, bbq wedding.


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