I have been playing around for awhile, debating on whether or not to officially add a floral & design portion to the CJP brand. Would call it something like, CJP&CO, or something like that at least.

In efforts to make an educated decision, I had/have a handful of clients letting me, for lack of a less terrifying term, experiment on them.  So far, there's been no Frankenstein results, other then mass amounts of learning what to adjust after the completion of each assignment. In other words, it's going rather well.

I also started recognizing that some of my practice bouquet work wasn't photographing how I'd like, which also helped me realize that it was the life and feel of the actual arrangement that I didn't like, which in turn made me not like how it was translating into photograph.  Now I have a whole new appreciation for beautiful bouquets and their photographs.

Anyhow, is anyone else that happens to read this blog a hobby or beginner florist… ?

tap, tap… is this thing on???

*above image of an arrangement I did with focus on those beauts of trailing jasmine vines. to say I love trailing jasmine would be a massive understatement. I first made a bouquet of the vine work which required tons of editing to the actual stems. then I saw where they were wanting to go and tried to follow suit with shape. shaping bouquets is HARD.


  1. That is a beautiful bouquet! I really like the color combination and matching ribbon. I have been practicing and have somewhat of an event/floral business too. I have done a few weddings, but I think I still have a lot of practicing and learning to do.

    1. great to hear from you melissa!

      there is truly so much to learn in general, let alone about personal aesthetics and preferences…

      a fun journey though!


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