7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. I thought it'd be fun to have all of this week's links (even #7's kitchen dedication) reference the same topic, and I chose the hot topic of Instagram.

2. On buying and selling art on Instagram.

3. The 3:05 time-mark of this episode of the web series 'Pardon my French' is my favorite; loved Scott Schuman's thoughts, "...that's why Instagram is so great, because it's a different kind of photograph, it's a very in-the-moment photograph."

5. "When did we become a population more worried about what happens online than in real life?!" 

6. After talking to some of the Instagram community who have world-famous personal/professional all-in-one accounts, I was happy to hear not even they do this (paragraph three nearly had me barfing in my mouth a little.)

7. Might be fun to rotate favorite Instagram foodie photo prints in the new kitchen, and I just learned that Walgreens now does one-hour square prints AND from your Instagram!

*image from my own Instagram today of the Hellebore plants I've been coveting at the market for weeks.


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