What a love/hate relationship I've had with this past week. We are home! Yay! We are home. Boo. Pros and cons out the ying yang, but I am completely going through New York withdrawal. Totally and completely. Not helping is the fact that I put way too much pressure on myself in anticipation of getting my end of April and May wedding's out in a quicker timeframe then turned out and now I am trying to get caught up in my last few editing projects and too office work so that I don't proceed throughout the rest of 'wedding season' behind schedule! I am trying to feed off the excitement of this wonderful summer and upcoming fall and channel that into determination to stay on track and too as inspiration for what may come, say... oh come winter or next spring... ... Happy Friday all! If you too are at a little crossroads then today boy do I feel ya! Onward and upward right?

*above image from Robyn+Michael's Rockefeller Plaza wedding; I totally love that here they are crossing the street without a care in the world; locked in each other's eyes and strolling through yet another crosswalk like it was just another day... lovely reminder that even in the midst of what may a wild and crazy day or time in life, find someone or something you love and cross that crossroad together.



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