Well hello there. Let me introduce myself, my name is Cozbi Jean and this is my photo blog circa 1969... ... ... Um, yeah as I have heard from quite a many of you {including my mother} and as you have clearly seen, I have been wretched at blogging the past few weeks! The tail end of our stay in New York got unbelievably and nearly miraculously wonderful and I just couldn't stop even to blog! Now that we are home it itself too has been nearly miraculously wonderful in many homey heroine ways. I'll be back at this regularly, or at least semi regularly asap; at least that is the goal! Meanwhile, while I take way too much time tweaking layouts on upcoming nyc and cjp photo story posts, I thought I would share the above image I took just this afternoon.

While in the lovely big apple, we did encounter two specific challenges that at times did become rather heavy yanks at our heart strings; we missed our friends and family much more then we anticipated which we feel started to affect us even more because we had no real 'home' or house to kind of take solace and safety and comfort in. Although we had our own little apartment of sorts {it was pretty basic and we were able to do even just a little minimal decorating so as to personalize it just a wee bit} we didn't have our bed and our plates and our bookshelves with our books and our drapes and our artwork ... ... and the little abode was indeed very, very little. A studio. A studio that could have been smaller yes. It was real small though. Therefore needing to do work is so much more difficult in a space that isn't customized as you would prefer it to be to more appropriately house one, yet alone two, people who are now both working and living in a tiny home. And forget it if there is a quarrel... you are stuck in those same four walls baby... better work it out! {teehee} We both came to the conclusion that it would have been nicer to have just had an empty apartment with none other then just bare bones necessary to live; bed and maybe a couch. We learned that even if we he just gotten crates and taped up a few of our own prints on the wall, it would have felt more us then trying to 'settle' in a space that had still already been 'settled in'. Does that make sense?

It was then a snowball effect of really truly being in this bazaar limbo of temporarily living that got us all sorts of missing 'home'! We had temporarily moved yes. We learned that if at least when we do finally move over that at least having the knowledge and frame of mind accompanied by the physicality of having our things will really make all the difference in being apart from what you love and too learning to love new. {Yes, we are exploring moving. I'll throw it out there right now.} Anyhow, I finally put my finger on what was getting us especially, hmmm, is homesick the right word? Perhaps, lonely is a bit better... I mean we fell in love and could happily make a permanent move to NYC right now. It was more of an equation of multiple factors including experience vs. living and money vs. reality... ...  We wanted to do so, so much while we were there...  I think we could use the term 'touristy things', though we still had to be modest since let's face it, exploring and experiencing NYC in true form is expensive! So then we were battling with not spending an arm and a leg just to have the 'experience' we may have preconceived in our minds.  It was wonderful that we did have some of our best friends, Zach and Miranda, fly over for a weekend and in turn we made a great new set of friends in Miranda's sister and brother-in-law that live in Brooklyn, Phil and Rachel. Once Zach and Miranda headed back home we found it so enjoyable to have friends to share the normality of  a quiet Saturday afternoon playing games and drinking coffee with. Yet still, the disarray of taking on even a semi-gyspy lifestyle for a month had us excited to exit our fabulous adventure and return to a place of accustomed civilization. We realized that we were not there long enough to really pursue making a new east coast circle of friends. Mentally even I don't think we could have been able to if we tried just because we knew we were coming home! I texted with my Mom everyday, but the rest of our family we kept in loose contact with because we knew, in a mere month we would be seeing them again and back to being within a 45 minute drive of them all!

Although we know and are excited that we could very easily transition our Seattle 'accustomed civilization' as I put it over to NYC, we do have a new appreciation and gratitude for having a 'home'; friends and family that are indeed our homes. Even if we were to move and acquire an additional 'home', our Seattle friends and family sure are of upmost value to us.  I've always loved the above quote from C.S. Lewis and I don't even know where it's from, but isn't it so true? The things in life that although are not necessary for survival, the value they add are immeasurably wonderful no? Thank you to all our dear family and friends for making our lives such a value. You all know who you are because especially as of late I've really tried to make it clear. Your love and support make Nicholas and I love our lives both as separate individuals and together as Mr. & Mrs. Hultz more then ever expected and therefore far exceed what we could ever hope for. So again, thank you. I will add though, the very small group of friends and acquaintances we did gain in NYC; may you know your city is beckoning us back...



  1. Like! ; ) I would miss you so my dear though if you moved to the other coast ...

  2. The quality of the above blog forgives how long it took for you to post it... ditto above.. w/ addendum.. you can move.. if you fly me out yearly. xoxoxox!


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