Well I am no foodie photog, just a foodie and just a photog. I adore Julia Childs and spent all of last Summer's holiday crabbing and reading up on my favourite chef. I salivate at the stunning food photography of fellow friends Alice Gao and Nicole Franzen but never have had a desire to really pursue that avenue of artistry. Was there a minute where I tried my hand to see what would happen at shooting delicious meals and libations? Sure was. Did I drop dead and exclaim, "I've found my calling!" No. Food is a very tricky subject to shoot and there are many who do it just splendidly. So, I stick to mostly just ingesting with the occasional informal foodie Instagram or shooting a few snap shots in the kitchen of my sister-in-law Natasha being the baking god she is. 

Today though I was sitting here working and got an email from Twitter saying bonappetitmag had tagged me in a Tweet. Let's clarify, I don't really Twitter or Tweet or whatever... and so just the post alone had me squirming to figure out what was going on. After about 10 minutes of searching {yes 10 minutes, I just said I for some reason just can't latch on to the whole Twitter thing!} I was finally able to see that Bon Appetit Magazine had posted an article today called, 101 Crazy Delicious-Looking Instagram Photos and come to find out, one of my little Instagrams made the cut. Not going to lie, I thought that was pretty rad and I was darn excited! I mean, there is a turnip truck full of fabulous food Instagrams out there! 

Although I am still going to leave the professional food photography to, well, the appropriate pros, I will say I do love food and sharing meals with not only those I'm close too, but also even those I don't know or have even just met. Food brings us all together. If we let it, we are given a chance at least three times a day to sit down and enjoy and "taste and see what is good".  Joy, love, desire, happiness, satisfaction and so much more can be elicited from a good meal whether simple or artfully created, and that is all I really am trying to capture with my foodie Instagram shots.

Thanks so much to Bon Appetit Magazine for this small little flattery of a feature, it totes made my day and I'd be lying if I slyly tried to pretend it didn't!


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