As I struggle to catch up {above image from jessyca+michael's wedding which was just finished, SO excited to get those to them!} I can't help but continue to fall in love with all of the recent groupings of getting ready images from this summer's weddings. Makes me think of how some of my own favorite images from my wedding day were from the film shots my cousin Ilia took. They offer a gruelingly raw look into the gritty morning's events, all of which though lovely in some ways, was incredibly crazy in others and the images capture it all perfectly. I love them so much for the honesty they tell.

I likewise fell in love with the above shot because I feel like this one image particularly tells SO much of a story. For just being that snap of a second before she starts getting into her dress, I feel like the expressions and glances and body language, it is just such a poetic little moment that perfectly memorializes *that* moment when you go from simply 'getting ready' for your wedding, to actually becoming a bride. Personally, and too for your friends and family; from that moment on it's as if you have become an entirely new woman. And it is just such a pretty time to get to witness and experience, let alone photograph.

I just had to share.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday.


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