When we spent our month living in NYC back in May, we met one of the loveliest couples at one of the weddings I photographed.   We ended up not just having a fantastic little photo session the next afternoon, even better, we spent the entire day making a new set of friends.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, rested in the gardens at The River Cafe where clinton+charis let us in on their traditional Sunday crossword project, shared beers at Jack the Horse Tavern then strolled up and down the beautiful Brooklyn Heights streets.  They are both from Philadelphia where Clinton is an attorney and Charis a very talented calligraphy artist.   Needless to say I've already collaborated with Charis on a bridal editorial soon to be published in an online wedding blog.

It was such a pleasure meeting clinton+charis and even more of a joy getting to spend such a simple, relaxed Sunday afternoon discussing art and God and traveling and, oh yes, beer.  Many thanks to you two for the lovely time and we can't wait to do it again in our home towns!


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