Today I am doing something a little different here on the blog and I am sharing a film that is absolutely lovely in every way.  Today, my husband sent me this video through email and said,
"Made me think of you, and all of our good times.  I never want it to end. Love you."
I have found lorraine+fred's story personally inspiring and heart warming to say the least, and I think you may as well.

This film was done by Green Shoe Studio who hosted a singer/songwriter contest earlier this summer.  Little did they know that Fred, who a month previously had lost his wife of 75 years, was going to write a song and send it in.  Here is the touching account of what love in various forms can move you to do...


  1. Cozbi,

    Thank you for sharing this, we are so glad you liked it. Their special love is definitely what life is about. We so appreciate you posting it!

    Oceanna Colgan

    1. thanks for visiting and leaving a note! truly, it was a pleasure seeing something so inspiring and be able to share!


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