Yes, the time has fine-ahhhhhh-lyyy come to share samantha+steven's brooklyn botanical gardens wedding I shot on my first new york 'wedding gig' adventure {last year!}  It is honestly difficult to express just how much I enjoyed working with samantha+steven and since I tend to be verbose, I feel like I honestly should just maybe leave it at that... oh, but alas, I can't!!!  I will try to be {somewhat} brief though... 

samantha+steven's wedding made me push myself as a photographer farther then I had ever pushed before.  I shot with new lenses.  I shot in a new state.  I shot in new light {it was a foggy, foggy day!}.  I was shooting with two of the most creative clients I've had yet, the same of which also put the most heart and soul and spirit into any wedding celebration I've been a part of to date.  I shot in the most inspiringly beautiful setting; the garden grounds including the buildings and those insanely intense bluebell gardens.  Just for emphasis I am going to say that last bit again, THOSE GARDEN GROUNDS AND THOSE INSANELY INTENSE BLUEBELL GARDENS!  I. died. 

Thank you for lighting a fire under me samantha+steven; you two changed my entire vision for what I wanted with my wedding photography art and business.  You helped me realize the type of celebrations I want to work with; ones that are overflowing with heart and soul and spirit and focus and creativity and personality.  Oh, all that and heaps of love to boot.  Of course, I can't forget to mention that I'm also thankful to grey likes weddings for also seeing all of these qualities and sharing with the rest of the wedding world these lovely nuptials {you can read more about the specifics of all their pretty details over on the grey likes weddings post. hurry, go read it!}

Congrats all over again samantha and steven.  I adore you both very, very much.


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