nicole + matt threw SUCH a beautiful and elegant wedding celebration at Inglewood Golf Course here in Seattle.  I love it because the venue grounds and the lovely style of their day leaves me looking at their photos and every time imagining having shot it all at a villa in Italy somewhere.

These are just a few of my favorite images that share just a little bit of the range of beautiful things that encapsulated their day, and I'm happy to share these even if they are from last summer... no, no lasttt summerrr... as in 2012...  oyyy... ... maybe don't admit that Cozbi???

Anyhow, one of my favorite wedding day quotes thus far in my wedding career {besides groom charlie admitting to throwing up in the shower the morning of his wedding...} was on nicole+matt's day when groom Matt gazed over the venue grounds and said, "So all those hours of pinning paid off... "  Yes Matt, they sure did. :)

Be sure to see nicole+matt's feature over on EVER OURS today as well.  Thank you Lydia for sharing their pretty days for other brides to be inspired by!


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