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(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1.  Zach Posen most definitely, single-handedly stole the 2014 Met Gala.  Yes, yes to all of his gowns!

2.  Love this photograph of seasonal botanicals and labels of their respective names as found throughout Jenn's backyard.  Maybe I'll have to copy this idea.  I mean, take 'inspiration' from it...

3.  Typically not a humongous fan of bright, loud outfits !but! I kind of want this one… Or, am I just liking the neutral clutch and booties… teehee...

4.  Since we are talking about clothes, have you read the 'about' section of clothing company Everlane? I still haven't ordered from them.  That needs to change STAT, for me AND for nicholas! (menswear too!)

5.  Along the same lines, have you read up on J.Crew and their similar ethics on responsible sourcing?

6.  Do you have Amazon Prime?  Do you use the movie rental feature?  I just added this fave to my watchlist (can't find my copy!)  Thank you as always to Mrs. Coppola for the perfect visuals + soundtrack.

7.  Anddd because it looks like I got on a roll with two things: botany and fashion, I absolutely must share this beautiful photograph and the haunting words that accompany it.  Photographer Kirsty Mitchell's story resonates so close to me, and it's been such a pleasure being introduced to her work.

*above outtake (of leaves that we flung in the air) from a photo shoot done with a dear florist friend of mine, pola, in her backyard brooklyn garden a couple summers ago.  today we chatted of planning another collaboration which has me jumping with excitement!


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