7 links:
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. Did you know there is a simplified Wikipedia?!? I didn't!

2. This creative is most certainly deserving of your attention.  Branding + design heaven!  At least to me it is.

3. This is going to sound anticlimactic but, I just found my new favorite greek yogurt flavor, and it's the Chobani Coconut.  Here is a really good, helpful guide on choosing greek yogurts.  Check grams of sugar and protein amounts guys.

4. This article on keeping sill plants.  Thanks Madewell! (I love their entire blog. Did you know they had one???)

5. Lilac water!  Must try!

6. First Aid Kit. I'll be playing these sweet lady voices on repeat all summer longgg...

7. 36 Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read.  I've only (to my knowledge slash memory) read a few of these and would like to see about completing this list.  Would you consider tackling this list too?

*above image was taken this past weekend when I was sitting reading poetry aloud to myself on saturday afternoon.  also, I collect old books...


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