If you've happened to pay a visit to my Pinterest page in the last week or so, you'd notice a whole slew of rad eye makeup pins.  I figured it'd be fun to link to three of my personal eye necessities + share the above pin; yellow eye shadow seems so daring to me!

1.  I'm rather certain this eye cream (and their neck cream, for that matter) have taken a few years off my stressed out little face and décolletage!  Say hello to supple, fuller (bye wrinkles) skin!!!

2.  Like all things in your wardrobe, you should have a nice/fancy pair of sunglasses and a cheapie pair of sunglasses.  Of course, my cheapies are my go-to and I'm thinking of getting them in this color combo (thank you Amazon!)

3.  I don't wear much makeup (don't like the look + no time to fuss) but I went on a limb and got a makeover at Charlotte Tilbury and fell hard for the ease of her products.  The point of her makeup is to be used/applied without a bunch of fancy tools and also quickly.  This eye shadow cream is; apply a little with your finger for a tiny little sheen, or apply a lot for more bang.  Doesn't crease and is SO easy!


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