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1.  Nutrition and wellness coach Kristen Michaelis offers an enlightening article on the rise of gluten intolerance.  As someone who's greatly decreased my gluten intake in efforts to alleviate some complicated health issues, Michaelis' emphasis on the fact that for many, our bodies are simply learning to cope with ecological changes or other physical, internal imperfections, made me feel like less of just another number added to a 'diet fad' list.  Have you tried eliminating gluten for a time from your diet?

2.  Grieving?  Here is an encouragingly beautiful, realistic series that has something to suit nearly every one of our individual needs (I'm on my second time through Healing Your Grieving Body and SO thankful to have found this wonderful resource!)

3.  Do you find yourself sitting for hours on end (oops, that 2 hour sesh on the laptop just turned into 6...!?!)  Are you a runner?  Both (like me?)  Here's some of my favorite hip flexor stretches to help loosen up.


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