Hello to the world on this surprisingly sunny seattle  monday.  I  hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

A few moments ago I shared via my instagram the above snap of a thank you letter.  These are the words I posted with it:

The fact of the matter for myself and my wedding photography career for this year is that I am photographing two weddings.  A choice made from direct result of personal circumstances + preferences.  This hand written thank-you received this weekend upon booking this very special couple, well, I'll just quote this penned treasure, "... How critical it is to use our gifts to bless and love those around us... It is our desire that your time with us this fall will be a time of rest and fun.  Let our friends and families love on you and bless you."

A gratuitous note like this... me and my business have never been on the receiving end of.  I've read it so many times and having it hang in my work space is of upmost honor.

It was so refreshing getting a hand-written letter in the mail, and it was such a wonderful reminder that  our written words and the time taken to pen such sentiments can have quite a large impact. 


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