On New Years Eve, 2012 Nicholas and I sat at the bar at Ma'ono, our neighborhood whiskey and pacific islander food joint (although, it's really no 'joint', it's a very nice restaurant that offers gourmet hawaiian food.  Marination would be more of a pacific islander food joint type of place.)  Anyhow, we sat at the bar and discussed our goals.  I remember the whole scene very, very distinctively.  Or at least I remember the pork buns, the manhattans and crying a little bit...

One of the topics, amidst many, that arose was that of wanting to read more. We since got rid of the cable.  We now get The Seattle Times delivered to our doorstep and Nicholas sits and reads through it almost daily now.  I always like to see what the headlines are, though I will read an article or two every few days.  I subscribed to Vogue and New York Magazine.  I have a solid yet not overwhelming amount of favorite online reads bookmarked which include a few of my favorite photographers and other creatives including a couple writers, fine artists, fashion designers, etc.  I also started a twitter account which I've found to be fun and informative.  I even bought a few books after requesting some recommendations.  I have not read all but maybe three of those books, but at least I have them sitting on the shelf ready to be opened.

The afore mentioned conversation at Ma'ono also brought up the topic of us wanting me to work less if possible.  Oddly enough, our current circumstances now have me near to not actively working at all (and by actively working I mean next to zero bookings for wedding photography.  I have some editing projects to complete, and many ideas starting to form from inspiration to do projects non-nuptial related, but no copious amounts of large comissioned gigs on the docket.)  And it turns out that by 'work less' we really just meant shoot less weddings (blah blah blah I know, I've been talking about the topic of focusing and slowing down for forever right?)

So, here it is.  I am at this new juncture of now being a part time caretaker (ick, something about term 'caretaker',  I just don't like it) and wanting to be creative yet not necessarily by means of wedding photography (because I simply don't have the time for it.  Or at least 'it' as I knew 'it'.)   Anyhow, also at a juncture of finally feeling this I've-got-my-head-on-strait-and-loads-of-life-experience fullness and therefore wanting to change nearly everything I've been to accommodate new said attitude.  Then this thing called time comes flaunting itself all up in my face.  I have learned: it's not difficult to change when you have circumstances forcing it.  It is difficult to progress, seemingly, when you think your circumstances have more control then they actually do.

Turns out circumstances are indeed a factor in progression. However, they are not a gavel of decisiveness.  That is, unless we let them be.

Queue now.  Today is Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014.  Springtime in a new year.  I didn't honestly think my mother was going to live to see leaves come on the trees so I find myself celebrating each day that I see more and more green be born.  You should too.  And on the original topic of reading more (oh, was that what I started writing about?) and also in line with starting to slowly make some of the creative changes I think would be fun to have a go at, I am today beginning 'Seven Wednesday Links' which will be just that, seven links posted on Wednesday (mid week, you know, to help get over the hump...) to online finds that have been inspiring, interesting, intriguing, or whatever other i's you can think of.  I don't really know who actually reads this blog (ew, I really dislike bloggers that share their blogs in a manner of seeming assumption that readers come flocking at every new post) but if anything, I am going to use this a means to somewhat categorically gather my own inspired brain.  And NO, the following SWL's will NOT have a personal anecdote slash essay to preface it.

The point of this post, since maybe I should sum it up since it seems things got a little sloppy:
- You should eat at Ma'ono and Marination.
- Goals are good. So are changing circumstances.
- I am no longer a full time wedding photographer.  There, I said it.
- For the four or five of you that actually follow my blog and my work, a new feature called 'Seven Wednesday Links' is starting TODAY...

7 links:
(because 3 seems like too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. These underwater plant life prints from the amazing Jennifer Ament.

2. This film by Daniel Sax (oh! but you're listening to Ira Glass. so... yeah.)

3. Gretchen Jones' explores color theory.  Also, do you know what Tinglish is?  I didn't.

4. Going to see this exhibit with this local artist.

5. We finally watched Blue Jasmine last saturday. Have you seen it? I loved it.

6. Meet Sam of sam+steven.  Sam doodles and those doodles are pretty great.  I love the idea of the doodle calendar. 

7. I started a tumblr last week, Bill Cozbi.  It consists of some of my favorite personal images, some of which you may have already seen here or on my instagram AND it doesn't have any of my wedding photography which I've found to be my favorite part about it.  Also, some images are unedited and really nothing important at all, but cherishable nonetheless.  Do you have a tumblr?  

*above photo from our summer holiday in riga, latvia last summer.


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