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(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1.  Crosby Street or Cozbi Street?  Either way, I like this chick's summer style.

2.  A couple weeks ago I went to my local farmer's market and visited the Whistling Train Farm where I bought two new things to cook with: broccoli rapini and white turnips.  Shelley, the farm owner's wife, shared a few recipes then directed me to the website for more information.  It was so invigorating cooking with something new, that I bought pea-shoots to give a go at.  She recommended them in salads!

3.  I tried doing an edibles garden a couple years ago after we bought our house, however, poor light, poor soil, an abundance of over ambition and many other issues left me with two lone carrots that turned up about a year later!  Trying some simple container gardening this week and I just read this article and snuffed the entire read in agreement and understanding! "Many new gardeners start too big, go over budget, get overwhelmed, and let it all go." THAT WAS ME!

4.  A restaurant registry for your wedding?  I LOVE this idea!

5.  Taking this class this weekend and couldn't be more excited.  Have you ever taken workshops or classes as an adult in an area of interest different, or, not-in-association-to your 'career'?

6.  Because I like link #1 and because this time two years ago Nicholas and I were the ones biking around in New York and I miss it horribly.

7.   My new favorite rose is Tuck Beckstoffer's 'Hogwash'.  I'll be drinking this all summer long…

*above image that I snapped at last Sunday's West Seattle Farmer's Market.  This vendor is 'Little Prague' and so far I've gotten pastries from her at each market visit.  Last Sunday we took her last raspberry danish and it was the. bomb.


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