Two things:
1. Sunsets
2. Hands

Sunsets: I typically do not photograph sunsets because some part of my brain thinks that they are never really properly or accurately photographed. That is, I think that's what I think. Maybe part of it is also that I tend to quickly drop sunset photos into the 'uber cliche' folder. At any rate, I finally forced myself to do it, to photograph a sunset, and it was indeed a tricky feat, but I am so happy with how rich and true the light and the air fell around j+m {pictured above} at the tail end of their engagement session a few weeks ago.

Hands: Usually the first thing I see in a photo with people in it are the hands. For some odd reason, it seems that hands often get overlooked. To me though, sometimes hands say more then everything else in an image. Seriously! I think they can be so, so expressive! Don't forget about the hands.


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