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today I discovered that if I am going to 'blog' or share my weddings, I need to just be true to myself and my preferences. I don't like scrolling through blog posts pushing a couple hundred wedding images. I just don't. unless they are all mind-blowing OR are crucial to linking moments, I get bored.

I love black and white, especially for all those especially emotional images. isn't it just that much easier to relate to someone else's mother's smile of her watching the daughter-father dance when color is stripped away and you can replace the memories of your own colors from your own recollection of what your mother's face was during your daughter-father dance?

I live for the quote-unquote imperfect frames. you know, maybe it's a little blurry, maybe it's grainy. but the feels. oh, all the feels. and just for the record, I like variation in coloring and lighting in my images. someone recently asked me what VSCO filters I use and my reply was, "I don't." not that there is anything wrong with them, at all! I just work through each of my images individually, never running a batch application. I see consistency beyond a filter in my style, and I'm proud of that.

so, if you (are you there? are there even viewers on this little blog anymore??? :) if you're still there, I've actually got some great things finally in the queue to grace your screens.

stick around, will ya?


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